YJIL Online

The Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL) publishes two types of online content:

  1. Short-form “YJIL Forum” pieces
  2. Longer-form “Features Essays”

These two formats are collectively referred to as “YJIL Online.” YJIL Online is particularly interested in submissions that examine recent developments, discuss practitioner experiences, or respond to articles published in YJIL or on YJIL OnlineYJIL Online publishes works that include international, comparative, or transnational elements as an intrinsic part of the central legal argument. YJIL Online does not publish pieces that confront solely the domestic law of nation-states, as well as articles on the topic of foreign actors in a domestic legal context, such as U.S. immigration law. The goal of YJIL Online, furthermore, is to publish new ideas and viewpoints rather than to summarize areas of international law.