Membership in YJIL is open to all Yale Law School students beginning in their first year, including LL.M. and J.S.D. candidates. New members of the Journal, known as “Editors,” are assigned to work on teams to edit, proofread, and cite-check individual pieces. YJIL strives to provide its Editors with an academically enriching experience as soon as they join the Journal.

In addition to standard editorial activities, Editors provide substantive feedback on early drafts of our authors’ work. For experienced Editors who do not wish to join the YJIL Board, the Journal created the position of “Senior Editor.” Senior Editors are an integral part of the YJIL community—members who bring institutional memory and advanced knowledge of international law to YJIL’s editing process and programming.

YJIL’s editorial staff members are at the heart of the Journal and the wider international law community at Yale. The Journal organizes a variety of social events throughout the year, including happy hours and dinners.

The YJIL Board

After one semester of membership, students may apply to join the YJIL Board, the managing body that selects the content of the Journal, oversees the editorial process, and runs the Journal‘s internal operations and programming.

Current Mastheads

Volume 48 Board (2022-2023)

Volume 47 Board (2021-2022)

Volume 46 Board (2020-2021)

Volume 45 Board (2019-2020)

Volume 44 Board (2018-2019)

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