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YJIL Forum is a platform for law students, practitioners, and legal scholars to publish timely, thoughtful pieces on recent developments in international law. The main goal of YJIL Forum is to foster a dynamic exchange between members of the international law community. Forum pieces are shorter and published more frequently than our Features Essays, allowing our readers to engage with a greater number of topical issues together.




Forum: Disaster Risk Governance and COVID-19 – Accountability, Transparency and Corruption

Written by Hugo Cahueñas

March 17, 2021



Forum: COVID-19: Towards a Digital Fragmentation of the Right to Education

Written by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Ingunn Ikdahl

January 22, 2021




Forum: The Trump Administration, Asylum Law, and Private-Actor Persecution

Written by Rachael Stryer 

September 28, 2020



Forum: The ICC and Afghanistan – Time to End Impunity?

Written by Mehdi J. Hakimi

August 31, 2018




Forum: Reflections on a Potential Peace Treaty for the Korean Peninsula

Written by Jonathan Worboys and Laura Edwards

August 13, 2018



Symposium: Puerto Rico and the Right of Accession

May 31, 2018





Book Review: International Law in a Transcivilizational World by ONUMA Yasuaki

Reviewed by Richard A. Falk

May 26, 2018




Symposium: Constitutional Amendment and Dismemberment

February 27, 2018




Book Review: International Organizations and the Fight for Accountability: The Remedies and Reparations Gap by Carla Ferstman, Oxford University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Isa Qasim

February 21, 2018



Book Review: Is International Law International? by Anthea Roberts, Oxford University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Beatrice Walton

February 21, 2018


Not “Final and Irreversible”: Explaining South Korea’s January 2018 Reversal on the “Comfort Women” Agreement

Written by Hyun-Soo Lim

February 1, 2018



A War Crimes “Wiki”: The Need for an Open Database to Ensure Syrian Accountability

Written by Josh Macey, Paul Strauch, Mitzi Steiner & Nathaniel Zelinsky

December 4, 2017

More Privacy Principle: A Reply to Asaf Lubin

Written by Frédéric G. Sourgens

November 29, 2017


Book Review: The Child in International Refugee Law 

Reviewed by Marina Sharpe 

November 28, 2017



Building a Durable Legal Framework in Space: The Extraterrestrial Impact of the South China Sea Dispute

Written by Roncevert Ganan Almond

October 24, 2017



The Case of Kim Jong-nam and Questions of International Law

Written by Quentin Johnson

July 5, 2017



President Trump’s Budget Blueprint and U.N. Blue Helmets

Written by Tracy Nelson

May 18, 2017




A Closer Look at the Korean Constitutional Court’s Ruling on Park Geun-hye’s Impeachment

Written by Hyun-Soo Lim

May 18, 2017




Book Review: Europe’s Justice Deficit?

Written by Daniel Listwa

May 7, 2017




Understanding War-Sustaining Targeting: A Rejoinder to Iulia Padeanu

Written by Maj Gen. Charles J. Dunlap Jr., USAF (Ret.) 

April 6, 2017




Exiting the United Nations: Paths and Potential

Written by Tracy Nelson

March 2, 2017




Accepting that War-Sustaining Objects are ‘Legitimate Targets’ under IHL is a Terrible Idea

Written by Iulia E. Padeanu

March 2, 2017




Treasuring the ‘Treasure Island of Korea’: A Cautionary Tale of Chinese Real Estate Development in Jeju Island

Written by Hyun-Soo Lim

March 2, 2017





When Do Treaties Preempt State Law?

Written by Sarah Weiner

March 2, 2017






Brexit and the Law Symposium

Introduction by Professor Harold Hongju Koh

February 3, 2017




Call for Modified Transparency in the Korea-Lone Star Funds Arbitration

Written By Hyun-Soo Lim

December 1, 2016





International Law and the Lame-Duck Congress

Written by Tracy Nelson

December 1, 2016





Investment Arbitration: A Poor Forum for the International Fight Against Corruption

Written by Leo O’Toole

December 1, 2016






An Update on the Malaysian 1MDB Case

Written by Quentin Johnson

December 1, 2016







The Uncertain Future of the European Investment Court System

Written by Erin Biel and Mattie Wheeler

December 1, 2016





Is the Trump Administration Bound by the Iran Deal?

Written By Iulia E. Padeanu 

December 1, 2016




Hacking the Election

Written by Ram Sachs

October 27, 2016




Outsourcing Refoulement: The United States and the Central American Refugee Crisis

Written by Aaron Korthuis

October 24, 2016

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